SUTD Winter Abroad Program @ MIT

January at MIT is a special time. The earth may be frozen, but the campus buzzes with activity. Faculty and lecturers experiment with innovative new courses, students explore topics beyond their majors, and the spirit of mens et manus (mind and hand) is on display everywhere. It is a time for building, a time for creating, a time for meeting new people, trying new things and finding new passions. 

What will you do this winter?



The theme of this year's program is Collaboration Across Culutres. As you collaborate with MIT students and others from SUTD in your IAP classes, you will learn life-long skills that will allow you to better understand and work on global teams. You will reflect on questions, such as "How do cultural factors impact team dynamics?" "How does your own culture impact the way you approach working with others?" and "What does leadership look like in diverse contexts?" All students will take a core course focusing on these issues, as well as a combination of two to three additional courses from the over twenty offerings available. 



Prototype new health technology devices... Design and build a software radio... Race high-speed autonomous robots through the tunnels of MIT... Create an educational show to teach K-12 students about science. These are just a few of the many things you might do along with MIT students this winter. With a wide variety of classes to choose from, you are sure to find something that will keep your brain fired up while the snow falls outside.