Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Theory and Practice

Prerequisites: None

Load: 9 A.M. - 11 A.M. on Jan. 10, 12, 17, 19 (4 sessions of 2 hours over two weeks)

Time Outside Class: 1-2 hours per session

Communication and conflict managements are universal topics that arise in all areas. It happens during class, at home, projects, parties, with strangers. There are tools which we should be exposed to so that we can maximise our potential during collaborations. This course should be taught in SUTD.
— 2016 Participant from SUTD

It is a rare job or class that does not require working with others. Today's engineers, designers, programmers and architects need to be experts in the skills of their trade, but they also need the skills to work with others to get things done. As work becomes increasingly global in nature, this means communicating effectively with people from across many cultures, identifying and overcoming sources of tension, and creatively combining the strengths that individual team members bring to the table. In this course, participants will:

-Gain knowledge of cultural factors that may influence group and individual work dynamics

-Understand typical stages of group development

-Gain tools for effective communication

-Assess their own areas of strength and weakness and identify areas of growth to work on during the program

-Explore various paradigms of leadership and analyze them through different cultural lenses

-Gain significant experience working in teams