Final Exhibit Details

Group Project

Your job as a group is to tell one ore more stories about the city through words and photographs in a final installation exhibit at the MIT-SUTD International Design Center. Tomorrow (Friday), you’ll be asked to write up a group vision statement about what you aim to convey with your photo exhibit. Then you’ll have about a day and a half to put together your exhibit. You can use any of the materials supplied or go out and find your own! Each group may print up to 50 photos, although you don’t need to have that many. You should incorporate at least two connections to Anne and/or Ellan’s classes into your exhibit.

Some starter ideas for “stories.”

·      “A Ride along the Red Line” string of photos pinned along a map of a subway line showing how things change from stop to stop.

·      A game like “Memory” with photos that go together in pairs

·      “From Boston to Singapore to Zimbabwe – How People Get their Food” – Group members’ photos combined with writing about food memories

·      “What’s Happening on Boston Common? – What We Notice and What We Don’t” – A game in which several versions of the same picture are presented with different areas covered or highlighted/enhanced in some way. Visitors are encouraged to write stories about the photos.

·      “Bonding over Buildings – How We All Came to Love the Prudential Tower” – Photos and writing from different group members about what they gravitated toward when exploring a particular building or place.


Criteria for your assignments:

·      Must work together to develop one common written vision statement about what you aim to convey (will have time on Thursday morning)

·      Must tell one or more stories through images and words

·      Each member must contribute at least one photo. Max of 50 photos.

·      Must incorporate at least two things you learned from Anne and Ellan’s classes.

·      Possible dimensions we can print include credit-card size, 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 (limit 10 per group for the largest size)


Mind Map

In addition to the group exhibits, we’ll have a central display set up with a group mind map containing words, ideas, and photos from the week. Anyone can contribute to this display and it will gradually grow outward as more people add on.