The instructors for this will be MIT-SUTD Collaboration Director, Prof. John Brisson and Bill Buchholz, the guy in the video! 

Ice Boat Construction and use

Prerequisites: None

Load: Four hour-long sessions, plus extensive (and flexible) time in shop, over two weeks. Shop will be open approx. 8 hours a day and students should be willing to put in significant time when available working on their boats. 

There aren't many things one can build with simple materials and basic skills, and then take it out and go sixty miles per hour. We'll be building four DN class iceboats in this course with which one can do exactly that. And, weather permitting, we will take a day to go iceboat sailing on a nearby lake using existing boats. We'll be working with uni-directional cellulose fiber, also known as spruce, the same kind of wood that's used to build airplanes.

All materials will be provided. Using hand and powers tool, students will lay-out, cut and install all the small wooden parts that make up this mile-a-minute machine.

Students will come away from the course with new skills in woodworking, fiberglassing and fine craftsmanship. Dynamics of sailing will also be discussed. 

Note: It is unlikely the boats will be completed over the two weeks. They'll be finished either later in the year or next IAP.