Technology innovation Accelerator (Focus on Physical and cyber Security)

Prerequisites: None

Load: 1 P.M. - 5 P.M. on Jan. 10, 12, 17, 19 (Four 4-hour sessions over 2 weeks).

Time Outside Class: 2-4 hours total (optional) to develop ideas, practice presentations, and work on prototypes (if applicable)

Do your innovative ideas get the attention they deserve? Would you like to refine those ideas and pitch them to a panel of technology experts, “Shark Tank” Style? In this interactive technology innovation accelerator, you will have an opportunity to work with peers and experts to generate hundreds of new ideas to present, evaluate, refine, and ultimately transform into system concepts that solve relevant and challenging problems.

We will discuss techniques and tools for brainstorming and concept development, provide technical presentation skills training, and provide lectures on this year’s technology focus: all things security. Students will be assigned mentors from both industry and government labs. This is the perfect opportunity to practice innovation, to hone your skills for future innovative research and entrepreneurship, and to network. 

FY17 Technology Focus: Security (Physical & Cyber)

FY17 participating companies & labs:

•    MIT Lincoln Laboratory


•    SimSpace Corporation

•    State Street Corporation

•    Swissnex

(Full list by Dec. 15)