Introduction to entrepreneurship - internet of things applied to healthcare

Prerequisites: None. 

Load: 1:30 P.M. - 5:30 P.M. on Jan. 17 - 20 (Four 4-hour sessions over one week)

Time Outside Class: Approx. 6 hours total

Special Instructions: Bring laptop and/or phone to class

This course introduces the main tools useful to kick-off a startup project. We focus on the potential use of Internet of Things in healthcare systems. The students will be asked to bring ideas to the class to use for their projects. Each student will introduce his idea to the class. Groups will be created and the students will join the project they prefer. Complementary profiles will be encouraged to work together.

Each session consists of a theoretical followed by a practical part, during which students will apply the theory to their own projects. They will be evaluated based on a written report and group presentations. Throughout the course, students will be asked to use collaborative web and social media tools.

S1: Basics of Entrepreneurship - Value Proposition in Healthcare - Business Model Generation

S2: Technology Transfer to Market - Internet of Things Applied to Healthcare

S3: Refining the Projects – Elevator Pitch

S4: Presentations and Discussion

This course is tailored for those interested in basic tools of creating start-ups. It is inspired by some of the most successful courses in the MIT-Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. It provides an overview of material and tools that teams can use to develop a business model and prepare an elevator pitch.