Making impressions with light: From Stonehenge to Vermeer to fiber-optic art

Prerequisites: None.

Load: 1 P.M. - 4 P.M. on Jan. 9 -13 (Five 3-hour sessions plus one field trip over one week).

Time Outside Class: None

Have you ever wondered how some of the great artists of the past achieved photographic quality of their paintings? Would you like to learn how you could do unique interior decorations with sunlight, design art and fashion accessories with fiber optics, and create color without pigments or dyes? Interested in learning about light art treasures of the greater Boston area? This class will offer insight into some basic optical techniques of bending, splitting and trapping light to create visual arts and utilize sunlight for natural lighting and interior decoration.

In the lectures, we will take a virtual tour through various geographic locations, cultures, and industries to learn how humankind has made impressions with light over the course of history, and will discuss new emerging trends in this constantly evolving field. Hands-on activities offered during each session will give you a chance to become artists and to paint and decorate with sunlight, nanoparticles and optical fibers. The projects will include constructing a camera obscura likely used by such old masters as Vermeer, making stained-glass windows with metal nanoparticles, decorating with optical fibers and light-emitting diodes, and so much more. All the materials will be provided.