Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology : Engineering Microbial Communities

Prerequisites: A computer for 3D design. Experience with synthetic biology, micro biology, microfluidics, or rapid prototyping will be helpful but not required.

Load: Eight 4-hour sessions over 3 weeks

Time Outside Class: 2-4 hours per session

The human body is home to an astonishing ecosystem of trillions of micro-organisms that live in remarkable harmony with us, the human host. In this course, students will manufacture fluidic devices, with an emphasis on artificial guts, for culturing and prototyping microbial communities.

Students will develop proficiency in 3D design, digital fabrication, microfluidics, and microbial cell culture in fast-paced, 8-day course. Each class will feature guest lectures from world experts in synthetic biology, microfluidics, open hardware, and human microbiome research.